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Jan 2004
To all at Big Domain Host and Free4AllCity.com:
Thank You Very Much, you have all made the leap into the online world so easy. Starting with the construction of our website right down to the details of how to add and update our products. You all have been prompt, knowledgeable and most of all PATIENT! I knew absolutely nothing about the web before I met you and now I feel extremely confident, thanks to you.
Thanks again for all your work to further the reach of our business. FYI, in the few short months we have been "LIVE", we have shipped to Maryland, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan and Florida. There is no way we would have been able to do that without your help. Thanks!!!
Paul W. Bartlett Sr.

March 2005
I wanted to write to say thank you
for all the help I have received from you and Free4AllCity.com. We have enjoyed nearly three years working together and I appreciate the help you have given me with putting together a web site and achieving an Internet presence. According to my site manager software I am reaching many visits per month to our site. We have seen great traffic from Free4AllCity.com directing people to our site and especially our coupon. I am glad that we have an Internet presence and appreciate your help and expertise.
I am looking forward to continued success in the future with you and Free4AllCity.com.
Thanks Again
Mike Karas - Owner

June 2006
Free4AllCity.com and Big Domain Host created our website in a very professional manner.
At least 85% of our business is a direct result of this beautiful and functional website. We have received awards for the website. We believe it is the one item our business could not survive without. The workers have been so helpful and professional, that they do almost all of the upkeep and make sure that it remains a beautiful website. I would and do highly recommend their assistance.
Thank you!.
Bob and Teresa Dingman

Sept 2007
Just a quick note to thank you for your advertising help this year.
Free4AllCity.com has been a great help in attracting and retaining new customers at our golf course. I would guess that dollar for dollar your service is the most efficient advertising we have.

Thanks again

Dec 2007
Free4AllCity.com has been a big factor in helping us get the word out about our new online art gallery
, bumbley.com. Our banner ads and our free gift offer have driven hundreds of people to our pages generating visits as well as sales. It's a great marketing tool.
John Leben - Webmaster

April 2008
Our website has been a great help to us and our customers. 
 The support your company has provided through the years has been a great help too.  I am looking forward to the possibilities our website has to offer as we continue to pursue its full potential in the years to come.
Nick - Chips Groundcover

May 3, 2008
All of your staff goes out of their way to make working with your company a pleasure.
  This is the 3rd company that we've worked with over the years and the first time we are not disappointed or angry with the
level of service Free4AllCity/BigDomainHosthost offers.  In the past we feel once our monies had been paid, we didn't matter anymore and could not get anywhere with the previous companies.  You have proven time and time again, it's not just a
"job or out to get paid" you truly show you care about your customers and go above and beyond in making sure we understand everything and why we do what needs to be done.   You have given us more advice and better sites than all
the monies we've spent over the last 5 years!   

We are so glad we finally found a company that wants to please it's customers and not just take their money and run.  Your timeliness in completing every project is beyond belief.  You do what you say you're going to do and get it done in less time than anyone we've ever worked with. Companies could take a lesson from Free4AllCity/BigDomainHosthost in how to please customers and the true meaning of "customer satisfaction".  It's very hard to find company now days (other than mine) that truly cares about it's customers.


May 16, 2008

Since I have been working with Big Domain Host/Free4AllCity, they have consistently provided stellar customer service and have exceeded my expectations in all that they do.  For someone like myself who is completely internet/website illiterate, the staff at Big Domain Host/Free4AllCity has been a lifesaver.  I cannot count the number of times they have patiently answered my questions on anything related to our website, even services they are not providing for us!  Erick and his staff are more than just experts on hosting, web development, and marketing; they go the extra mile and really care for their clients.  Big Domain Host/Free4AllCity has even saved us money!  They have been able to recommend programs and products that other vendors would charge much more for.  I would absolutely recommend Big Domain Host/Free4AllCity to anyone and have immensely appreciated the service they provide!

Amy Tzortzinis
Renaissance Laser Cosmetic Arts

June 2, 2008

Big Domain Host has been hosting my website for over 8 years.  I am not very computer savvy and what I appreciate the most about BDH is the patience the staff has shown me over the years and the quality of service is second to none.  I own a service oriented business so I really appreciate exceptional service when I receive it.  Erick and the staff at BDH has treated me more like a good friend than a client.  I would highly recommend their services!!!!
Deb Scanzillo
Owner/Certified Trainer
Dogs Bay Training
Dogs Bay Country Club for Dogs

September 24th, 2008

I have been very pleased with the number of hits my ad receives on Free4AllCity.  Compared to the online Yellow Pages, my ad received 10 times the amount of visits and it's more economical.  Thank you.  


Jackie Weller, Manager

October 16th, 2008

I just wanted to let you know what a great job Big Domain Host did on our web site. It looks so professional and we have received a lot of positive comments from our customers. The web site Photo Gallery is so easy to use; I can make changes right from my own PC whenever I want. The support staff at Big Domain Host has been very helpful, anytime we have called we have been given the help we need right away. All of this at a price that I still cannot believe. Thanks for all of your help.

Jerry and Louise Cannon, Owners

September 17, 2009

I would like to sincerely thank you and your staff for all of your help in establishing our web based business. Since my simple phone call to your in March of 2005, Jan Watercraft Products has steadily grown from an simple one product store to a full fledged Web Store with hundreds of products. You and the staff of Big Domain Host/Free 4 All City have been crucial in guiding me from someone who had no concept of what it takes to develop a web store to an individual that now has complete control of every aspect of our web store. Without your help we would not be where we are today.

Again my sincere thank to Big Domain Host/Free 4 All City and their staff for guiding through the maize of web drama. Without your patients and support we would not exist today.

Bob Brock- General Manager
Jan Watercraft Products


February 25th, 20

Thanks to Big Domain Host for creating the BEST WEBSITE for The Bag Lady Purse Store! Due to the fabulous structure if this site, we have had positive exposure as well as excellent feedback that has generated more business. We would recommend Big Domain Host to anyone looking to create a new website or even update your existing one! Thanks so much Big Domain!!

-Candi Mervenne, owner of "The Bag Lady Purse Store"

Free4AllCity/Big Domain Host, We have worked together for many years and have had many long and emotional discussions regarding the creation of our website. 

Many of these hours have been in my education.  I am a great creative, yet technology is much more difficult for me than many.  While there have been times of complete frustration and ignorance in my pursuit of understanding, Your Company has consistently ‘been there’.  I say it like that, because it is this consistency and their true desire to have me succeed in this arena of business that ultimately has earned my trust. 

Unlike many others who want my business – who talk a big game, charge without yielding anything and are too ‘Techy’ to even tolerate us ‘lesser minds’ – whatever!  Your Company is the group who was always encouraging, empowering and affordably manifesting our site into being – in my timeframe and only a phone call away.

We are a work in progress and my learning is ongoing – yet, I believe that we have a site that is adaptable, functional and becoming easier and easier to use – by both myself and my customers. 

I do believe that Big Domain Host/ Free4allCity has the ability to do good work at a fair price and can get you on the road to a decent website yourself. 

Wishing you the best of luck,
Kimberly, Personal Palette, inc

May 20, 2011

BigDomainHost has been truly amazing to work with in creating a new web page for our condo association! Not knowing too much about what was involved when I began, the knowledgeable staff walked me thru each step telling me what my options were and what information they needed from me. They completed each page of the site in much less time than I’d expected, and were always quick to email me with questions or ideas that would improve our site even more. Then, upon completion, I was given the chance to review our new site before it was launched, and the team promptly made the changes and revisions I requested. Like all projects, after viewing our web page on line for a short time, there were several small text changes I wanted to make. It just took one conversation to get me the password and to walk me through the process I needed to know so that I would feel comfortable in making changes whenever they’re needed. Our updated web page has been well received and gotten many compliments from the other owners in our association as well as those who visit our site!

I was very apprehensive when we began this process since I’m not a computer wiz, but the BigDomainHost staff was so understanding and patient when explaining things to me that I never felt over-whelmed. They are innovative and adapted easily to any ideas I had—making our web page unique and special to fit our needs. I particularly appreciated the on-going communication throughout this venture! The BigDomainHost staff had many great ideas & options for me throughout the process. I think their motto should be ” the sky’s the limit—if you can imagine it, we can do it!” What a great experience I had, and what a fantastic group of people to work with!

Ola Grande Condominiums
Ola Grande Condominiums, Coca Beach Florida

May 21, 2011

Thanks so much for all your help in setting up our website. It looks great and we have had a great response to it. A lot of golfers took advantage of our coupon, it was a great way to get new people in. Thanks again for all your help.

Oak Ridge Golf Club

Muskegon, MI

Big Domain Host,
I wanted to thank you all for your help in transitioning me over to the Wordpress website. Building it on my own brought some questions and a lot of learning on my part. I was extremely happy when I called and asked questions that the help was there in an instant to get me off and rolling again. Thank you for all your help and patience as I was teaching
myself how to build the sites for Kalico Kitchen and CC-Cruisers. I believe the Word Press site is much more professional looking to the previouse version we used. A little learning curve, with I am sure more than enough to learn yet.
But it was worth the challenge.

We are extremely happy with the Wordpress outcome. Thank you again for your dedication and quick response,

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